Diane and Stan’s Journey: June 23, 2014

Today we had an appointment a Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  SCCA has many different experimental treatments that they use so we were encouraged to see if any of the treatments might be available for Diane, but they are not.  At this point in time Diane does not qualify for any of the research programs.  It was not a total surprise to us, but we wanted to know for sure.

Diane and Stan’s Journey: June 21, 2014

Home again.  Good to be here, but, wow, what a trip: 3,730 miles and 14 days, which included the last day’s 12 hours of driving.  Was it worth it:  friends from our first congregation Debbie and Denise in Endicott; cousins Sharon and Warren and his wife Ann in Bozeman; friends from our first congregation Ron and Kris in Cottonwood, MN; friends from our first congregation Jim and Nancy in Volga, SD; long time friends Dennis and Sandi who live in Sioux Falls, SD; and then cousin David and wife Deb at a cabin with a long family history on the Gallatin River in Montana.

What is a quality of life?  For Diane it is relationships with family and friends and this trip was exactly that: relationships!  Yes, it was absolutely worth it!

Diane and Stan’s Journey: June 15, 2014

Cottonwood, MN–a town of about 1,200 people in the middle of, now, rain-drenched corn or soybean fields.  But even more important it is the home of Ron and Kris Bortnem, long-time friends from our first parish in Volga, SD.  Even though there has been a lot of rain, it has not rained “on our party” but we have continued to have fun with much laughter.

Diane has had such a good time and the trip here went very well for us.  We found that we both got tired of traveling all day, but it was OK.  We leave here tomorrow, head to Volga and tomorrow night with Dennis and Sandi Ellingsen in Sioux Falls, friends dating back even before Diane and I were married.  On the way home I have some surprises for Diane which I think she will enjoy.  Hopefully it will not be raining all the way to Seattle!

God’s blessings to all of you and thanks for your continued prayers.

Diane and Stan’s Journey: June 8, 2014

A Post From Bozeman, MT

For the second night of our road trip we are staying with Diane’s cousin in Bozeman, MT  All is going extremely well (both a little tired, but it is a good tired), and Diane had a great time here in Bozeman with two cousins, Sharon and Ole and his wife Ann.  Last night we were in Endicott, the home of our second congregation that I served as pastor.  Tomorrow night we hope to be in Wall Drug, SD

One day at a time, one blessing at a time.

Diane and Stan’s Journey: June 4, 2014

We continue to move forward and into new territory.  Yesterday we spent well over an hour with a naturopath.  We are not running after the wind in the hope of finding a cure, but rather we are traveling down each and every road that is before us, seeking to do that which God seems to be opening up.  With the naturopath we seek to provide what is necessary for the body to do its own amazing ability to fight disease.  If we were to do everything that the naturopath suggested we would have to become vegan, and I do not think that will happen, but we will do what we can.  Our hope and prayer is that Diane’s desire to eat will return so that she can gain weight and then energy.

We have also received well-meaning, but sometimes pushy, “suggestions” that we need to go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a “second opinion.”  Multicare, whom Diane goes through, is an affiliate of SCCA so we have had our oncologist make an appointment with them for after our road trip to Minnesota.  Because of Diane’s type of cancer, because of where she is in the process, we do not think anything else will be available at SCCA, but we will not know until we meet with them.  That will happen as soon as we return.

So for now we prepare for a road trip (during which we will post as we are able) and I also am preparing for a memorial service this Friday afternoon.  Mark had a long battle with cancer and lost (or did he now finally WIN!)?!