Diane and Stan’s Journey: April 30, 2014

This past Monday Diane had a CAT scan and we have anxiously waited for the results.  Today I talked to Dr. Dennie’s nurse and her report from the CAT scan was GOOD!    PTL!  Basically what was said is that the cancer in her lung, lymph glands and bones has stabilized or decreased a little.  That is positive news, especially since we were unspeakingly thinking that the report was going to be not so positive.

There is a little “effusion,” or fluid build up under her right lung that was not present before but the oncologist is not concerned about it.  We continue to drain off fluid at a regular rate and will do so again on May 2nd and bring it to the oncologist so that he can see it.  The medical team seems to continue to be on top of everything.


Diane and Stan’s Journey: April 24, 2014

As I write this blog, Diane is just finishing up her third chemo infusion in the second of six cycles.  Next week she will enter into a “recovery” week, but it will not be without doctor visits.  On Monday, April 28th she will have a CAT scan, the first since she began these chemo infusions.  We will not meet with the oncologist until the following week to get results.  Patience!!

Today’s chemo infusion has gone very smoothly, unlike some others during which time Diane had low blood pressure so they had to give her extra fluids before starting with the chemo.  Tiredness is still the issue, but considering all the other side affects that she might have, tiredness can and is being dealt with.

Tomorrow the entire family will be going to Cannon Beach, OR for three days, two nights.  Even though the timing of this trip is during Diane’s lowest energy time, she said, “I can be tired at home or I can be tired with the family at Cannon Beach.  Let’s go!”  So we go and trust that it will be a special time together as a family.

Again, thank you all for your prayers and support.  Easter is more than one day, it is a season and so may the Resurrected Christ continue to meet you during this Easter season.

Diane and Stan’s Journey: April 17, 2014

Today was Diane’s second infusion of chemo in her second cycle.  She has infusions once a week for three weeks and then one week off and then she starts again.  All went well, that is, all went well after they gave her added fluids to raise her blood pressure.  Once the blood pressure was elevated then she could begin the infusion.

Diane continues to handle the chemo well.  As the weeks progress in each cycle she has less and less energy, more exhaustion, but that is the only major side affect that she experiences.  Oh yes, over night her hair, that had been returning after the initial radiation therapy, suddenly disappeared.  We laugh and say that it blew away with the wind.  So she will start growing hair all over again later.

Again, each day is gift and we praise God for the many who are praying and living in solidarity with her.  We are thankful for each day, each day is a gift from God to be lived to the fullest.

Diane and Stan’s Journey: April 3, 2014

This is Diane’s “off week,” which means she has no chemo infusion or doctor’s appointments.  The week started with Diane feeling exhausted, extremely tired, but with each new day she gained strength and the tiredness evaporated.  So by yesterday Diane was beginning to feel much better, but even with the “good” there is also the challenge.  Last night as Diane was going to head to bed, she felt that something was not right with the catheter so she looked, and sure enough, it was “leaking” fluid.

We had Barb Johannsen, from Grace Lutheran, come over and look at the site and sure enough, Diane had to make a trip to the ER.  We were able to get home at about 1:30 a.m. this morning, knowing that all is OK.  Barb and Andrew drew off fluid at home this morning but we just checked and the site is still leaking fluid so tomorrow we probably will have to return again to the hospital.