Diane and Stan’s Journey: January 27, 2014

Just returned from another doctor’s appointment during which time we received the results of last weeks’s MRI.  Diane continues to have two lesions in the brain, down from more than twelve six months ago.  These two lesions have remained the same size over the last three months and that is good news.  Also her cancer markers have remained the same over the last two months.  All of that is good news and the icing on the cake is that Diane has gained 1 1/2 pounds in the last month.  For most of us, who following the holidays do not want to get on the scales, these 1 1/2 pounds are a hard fought gain.  We rejoice at any weight gain that occurs.

Her next major test will be on Feb 21st when she will have a CAT scan.  We trust that that too will show the stability that has been occurring.  We continue to be grateful for each day, each day that is pure gift from our loving, heavenly Father.