Diane and Stan’s Journey: October 29, 2013

It is a very cool and crisp morning.  First solid frost.  Still dark outside, but I have already done my one half hour walk.  As I walked I pondered our “new norm.”  Yes, life seems to be a “new norm” now:  low energy, but little buffs now and again that allow her to do more than the “new norm,”  trouble with eating and I am afraid that Diane is continuing to lose weight.

This is not the life we envisioned for ourselves at this point, nor is it the life we would want.  This “new norm” is the autumn of our lives, and isn’t it interesting, Diane has always loved autumn!  Yesterday we drove along the west side of Lake Washington and through the Arboretum, even walked a little through the leaves.  Absolutely beautiful!  Autumn is the lose of summer beauty, but it has its own beauty.  In our “new norm” we search for the beauty in this moment.

As I wrote in my last post, November 1st is Diane’s birthday and we are having an open house from 7 to 9 p.m.  All are invited.  Diane still does not know.  Autumn beauty has to have surprise also!

Diane and Stan’s Journey: October 23, 2013

Another series of doctor’s appointments are a thing of the past.  Oncologist and radiologist have once again seen Diane and the reports continue to be good.  Dr Xu, the radiologist, will not see Diane for another three months and then another MRI.  Dr. Dennie will see her in one month and then if things continue in the same manner he will also not see her for 3 months.  Not that we have a personal dislike of either doctor, just the opposite, but we are both elated that the time interval between doctor visits is lengthening out.  Praise the Lord!

On the other hand, last Friday night while sleeping Diane had a blood vessel in her right eye burst and her eye was pure red turning to purple.  Not a pretty site!   We were concerned that this was somehow related to the cancer, but both docs assured us it was not.  The whites of her eyes are slowly beginning to be seen again and she feels a little more comfortable to be in public.  Bald head in public, no problem….red eye, major problem for Diane.  Each person has his or her own comfort level!

Another item,   November 1st is All Saints Day and it is also Diane’s birthday!  Our family will have an open house birthday party for Diane on November 1st.  Our address is 416 Green Acres Pl.  Algona, WA.  The time will be from 7 to 9 p.m.   This is a no-gift open house.  At this point Diane does not know about it, so please do not talk to her about it.  Usually she does not read the blogs that I write, so we will see if this is true this week also.

Our home is not big, but we will have a revolving door and people can come and go as they like.  Now, I know that there are people reading this blog from all over the State, the Nation and even in different parts of the world.  SeaTac Airport is not too far from us….just kidding!!!!  Those who can come, love to have you!!!!!

Again, thank you for your prayers and your support!

Diane and Stan’s Journey: October 11, 2013

Isaiah 42: 3
Hello Global Family, I had to write and say how overwhelmingly grateful I am. There are no words to say. I am awesomely humbled by the love, prayers, support, cards, prayers on the answering machine or scriptures left on the answering machine, phone calls. His awesome presence has been with me and within me this whole journey and I know will continue to be. My prayer is His blessing will spread to each one of you and your circle of family and friends as well, as you continue your journey. I leave you with one of the most powerful words God has given me during this time. It is found in Isaiah 58: 11-12. He is the REPAIRER of broken walls. That is what is happening. I have said all along this is bigger than me or the cancer. God’s Spirit is working in and through people all over the globe to bring peace and reconciliaton and tear down the walls we have built and is building bridges in a very timely fashion between us, His. children. May His face shine over you and through you fellowing pilgrims. Grateful love and hugs, DianeMaire

Diane and Stan’s Journey: October 9, 2013

How can I shout in print!!!!!!!!!!!!!PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just received the results from a MRI that Diane had on Monday. Here are the results:   Prior to radiation there were more than twelve cancerous lesions in the brain. NOW THERE ARE TWO!

The biggest of the lesions is in the right temporal lobe which controls speak functions:  it was 2 cm in diameter and now it is 1.3cm.   The other remaining lesion is in the occipital lobe which is involved with sight.  It was 8mm and it is now 3mm, and that is it.  There are no other lesions that can  be found.  Again:  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

There will not be anything done on the brain for the next three months and at that time another MRI will be taken.  I asked the radiation doctor, “What will be happening during this time to affect the two lesions?”  She indicated that there still be will residual affects from the previous radiation and the Tarceva (chemo pill) which Diane takes every day will also be actively working.

What relief!  What joy!  What thankfulness!  Perhaps even this news will help motivate Diane to eat, which is the biggest issue she faces every day.