Who Am I?

Who am I that I should have a twitter page or a blog?  Who am I that I should think anyone wants to listen to me, follow me, tweet me or link to me?

I am simply an ordinary guy, a guy born, raised and who has ministered for thirty plus years in a Guttenberger world.  I am not a Lenard Sweet or Richard Foster or Tony Campolo.  Nor am I a Jason Lukis, John O’Neal or Ed Marquart.  No, I’m just me-a guy with a passion for Jesus, who wants our world to hear good news, who passionately believes in and longs for community, not a community of only cookie-cutter middle-class, Lutheran white folks, (whom I love, but I long for something more) but a multi-cultural, multi-economic, multi-denominational community.

Who am I?  A man who once was afraid of his own shadow, but now believes relationships are central to life.  I am a journler who desires to listen to the stories of others and who, occasionally, wants others to listen to my story.

Who am I?  A contemplative who struggles to find inner peace, but who is still on this amazing journey.  I am a contemplative who loves sitting with Jesus, who longs to hear the Spirit’s whispers, but who usually has a mind drifting everywhere.

Who am I?  an ordinary journier who has something to say, once in a while, but who wants to listen always.  I am a pastor at heart and a missionary from my mother’s womb.  That’s a beginning, with more to follow.